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Digital Leaders

Who We Are

We're the Digital Leaders. We’re a team of KS2 pupils who are the most skilled, confident and talented users of technology at Ivydale Primary School. We all love computing, technology and want to share knowledge with others. Our goal is to inspire our classmates to become more confident and safe users with regards to computing.

Examples of work

What We Do

Every Wednesday we meet to discuss our latest projects and share ideas. We lead assemblies, organise competitions and help support our classmates in weekly computing lessons.


We never stop learning because technology is always changing. We work on a variety of projects in teams according to our area of interest. Once we complete a project we upload it to the shared drive so our classmates and teachers can use it to support their learning and teaching.


Each summer term we organise applications and interviews for the next wave of Digital Leaders. Being a Digital Leader is a popular role and there is great interest amongst the rest of the school. We have a high profile, with important duties in assemblies and computing lessons. If you would like to be a Digital Leader make sure to fill in the form in the Summer Term.

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